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Mozambique, with an area of 802.000 sq. km, is located on the southeastern coast of Africa. It borders with Tanzania to the north, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe to the west and South Africa and Swaziland to the South.

There are regular flights between Maputo and Johannesburg, besides many other local flights.

The condition of highways between Maputo, South African Cities and Swaziland is excellent, which makes a round trip covering Maputo City, Kruger National Park and major South African cities and Swaziland Spa quite easy.


Mozambique Island (Ilha de Moçambique)

The old part of the Island, about two third of its total area, was declared as a "World Heritage Site" by UNESCO in 1992. Here there are buildings constructed out of coral, although many of them are in a poor condition due to the lack of maintenance in recent years.

As a Macua (main ethnic group in this region) tradition, the women paint their faces with "musiro", which is a white powder from a ground root.

Bazaruto Archipelago

This idyllic archipelago consists of four islands (Bazaruto, Benguerra, Magaruque and Santa Carolina), situated off the main land between Vilanculos and Inhassoro (780 km from Maputo). To reach these islands, it is possible to hire a boat locally, or to travel by air from Maputo and Beira or to fly directly from a neighboring country via Vilanculos where there are immigration and customs services.


Maputo National Park

Maputo National Park is located just 1h30m away by car from Maputo City, and it offers a scenic combination of plains, swamps, prairies, mountain ranges and coastal dunes along fine white sand beaches and turquoise blue ocean, and it is home to an ever-growing wildlife, with rare and endangered species. Maputo National Park is equipped with several campsites and accommodations, offering an exceptional experience of contemplation and relaxation, whether on day trips or longer stays.




The Embassy is ready to receive any enquires. The potential tourism package planners are advised to contact the INATUR, whose contact address is as follows:

Av. 25 de Setembro, 1203, 3rd Floor, C.P.4758, Maputo, Mozambique
Tel : +258-21-307320/1
Fax : +258-21-307322
E-Mail: inatur@inatur.org.mz mail
URL: http://www.moztourism.gov.mz/

Latest brochure of Turism by INATUR   Click here

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Investment Promotion Information

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  1. Strategic localization of the country ?| Gateway of Importation and Exportation of Austral African countries
  2. Easy access to the markets of SADC member countries
  3. Diverse and abundant natural and hydro-resources unexplored (natural gas, carbon, petrol, solar energy) or underdeveloped (innumerous rivers and dams of Cahora Bassa, Massingir and Corumana)
  4. Availability of innumerous and well-disciplined labor force easy to be trained, with relatively low cost compared to other countries in Austral Africa.
  5. Open policy of the Government in favor of foreign investment initiatives.
  6. Hospitality of the Mozambican people willing to coexist with people from other cultures; among others.


  1. Agriculture
    • There are than 36 million hectares of fertile land ideal for agriculture, but only 10 million hectares are currently in use.
    • Abundant land for dairy farms
    • Main cash crops (cashew nuts, sugar, cotton, tea, sisal, coconuts, citrus)
    • Other agricultural products (corn, rice, cassava, beans, tomatoes, tropical fruits and herbs)
  2. Hydro-resources
    • There are more than 60 rivers and various lagoons. The capacity of Cahora Bassa Dam is 4,000 MW.
  3. Energy minerals
    • Vast carbon reserves (more than 10 billions of tons)
    • Natural gas (more than 40 billion m3)
  4. Other minerals
    • Gold, marble, heavy sand, iron minerals, pegmatite, diatomite, bentonite, tantalite, granites, precious and semi-precious stones, bauxite, etc.
  5. Woods
    • There are more than 57 million of hectares of forests, and about 20 million of them are precious or semi-precious timbers.
  6. Tourism
    • Beautiful beaches extending over 2,500 km and lovely islands in the Indian Ocean
  7. Fishery
    • Shrimps, lobsters, and diverse variety of fish


  • 100% private, foreign ownership is permitted. Joint ventures with Mozambican partners are encouraged.
  • Minimum qualifying investment is 50,000 USD.
  • Juridical security and protection of the fortune and property rights inherent to the realized investments are guaranteed.


50% reduction in Corporate Tax and Complementary Tax for a maximum of ten years form the start of operation or the period of investment recovery.


Industrial Free Zone Developers enjoy an exemption form custom duties, VAT and specific consumption tax on the importation of building materials, machinery, equipment, accessories, accompanying spare parts and other goods destined for the establishment and operation of the Zone, and pay no income tax on receipts from manufacturing and other Industrial Free Zone activities.

There are two essential characteristics or requirements to qualify for Industrial Free Zone status.

  • Job creation for Mozambican nationals
  • The production for export (85% of the product must be exported)


The Valley is composed of Tete Province and several districts of Zambezia, Sofala and Manica Provinces, and applies a special tax regime as follows;

  • Exemption from Corporate Tax until 2025 for undertakings in agricultural livestock, forestry and hydroponics
  • Exemption from Corporate Tax for five years from the start of operations
  • 80% reduction in tax from the 6th year onwards; among others


  1. Installation of Aluminum Factory in Beira City
  2. Research on gas and petrol in the Sofala bank
  3. Rehabilitation of carbon mine of Moatize
  4. Project of Free Industrial Zone in the Zambeze Valley
  5. Construction and management of Industrial Pavilions at the Industrial Park in Maputo City
  6. Ponta Dobela Port and Ocean Terminal


The Embassy is ready to receive any enquiry. The potential investors are advised to contact the Centro de Promoção de Investimentos (Investment Promotion Center).

Rua da Imprensa, 332, R/C Maputo, Mozambique
Tel : +258-21-422525/422454
Fax : +258-21-422604
Mail : cpi@teledata.mz mail
URL : http://www.mozbusiness.gov.mz/

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Av. 25 de Setembro. 1203, 3F, C.P. 4758 Maputo, Mozambique
Tel : +258-21-307320/1
Fax : +258-21-307322
Mail: inatur@inatur.org.mz

The Embassy is ready to receive any enquiry. The potential tourism package planners are advised to contact the INATUR

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